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Water Extraction + Remediation

Mold Growth Removal + Decontamination

Preventative Waterproofing

20 Min

Logarithmic Bacterial Growth

Bacteria can double every twenty minutes in environments with high humidity.


People Affected Daily By Water Damage

Contrary to popular belief, it's broken pipes and leaks that cause the most damage, not floods.

24 Hours

Time It Takes For Mold To Show

In the right conditions, mold can begin to grow immediately and is visible with a day.


Average Water Damage Insurance Claim

Even one inch of standing water can cause over $25,000 in damage.

Quick, easy, thorough.

We had a clean water leak from our second floor bathroom that was dripping down from the ceiling onto our living room hardwood floors. Jeff was over within forty-five minutes with equipment to remove the standing water and begin sealing the wet areas off.

Deb Parsons
Benton Park
Responsive, began right away.

My crawl space had been accruing water for some time, and my plumber informed me that I needed it dried right away. Element came over to assess the situation and had begun containing the moisture by the time I called my agent. No wait, documented everything, really comprehensive service.

Michael Cassat

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